1. We propose live training session in Brussels, Paris and London for groups or individuals lead by experienced coaches: including 1 year of free support. When your money is on the line support is paramount.

2. Our approach is to challenge your vision of the future, so your risks perception will shift and you will naturally find the confidence to invest the right amount of funds to profit from this revolution early enough. Like all the visionaries have done so far.

3. We are the first one in Europe and in the US to propose such workshop in this format. We have understood what prevents clever investors in entering the crypto-revolution: the lack of clarity in the information, relying on old principles now obsolete which refrain you from embracing its true essence. You will break your mental chains.

4. It has been created by 2 engineers in IT and in Finance because there is no professional workshop that address all aspects of this revolution: societal impacts, deep dive into the technology and the practical set up of your different wallets: online account, hardware wallet and offline wallet(seed) and investment strategies.

5. We teach you the true spirit of the cryptocurrencies: autonomy and responsibility. WE DO NOT HOLD YOUR MONEY – we teach you how to buy, sell, manage and protect your funds yourself. After this workshop you will master your destiny.

6. Our audience are investors looking for professional training to take serious decisions (willing to invest more than €5000).

7. We are independent from all suppliers so we can only recommend those that are the cream of the cream.

8. We provide all the best equipments worth 250€ included in the price. We will assist you in the security configuration. These devices are mandatory in the crypto world else you are at risk of losing your funds.

9. Pricing is a bargain: if you own a company you can recover the VAT and claim the rest as a professional expense. You will be able to manage crypto money for you, your partner, and buy bitcoin for your kids! Don’t shift your decision to another year again, time is money: ACT NOW!

10. Our training class has 3 parts to address the 3 dimensions of the cryptocurrencies world:

  1. Change your mindset so you will invest enough money to change your life: detox from old concept to embrace new ones.
  2. The definitive secret behind the bitcoin technologies explained in a way that will give you confidence in the revolutionary aspects that are happening now in your life!
  3. The day-to-day practical management of your coins: buy/sell/storage, recovery, restore of the SEED, hardware upgrade, what to do when the market is panicking, difference with classic trading, security so you will keep your profits.

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