1. I don’t have time: being caught up by day to day life…

If time is money, then you are rich if you have time for yourself. This is paramount, if in your life you are so busy working to pay the bills then your life master you then you are not mastering our life. In an ever changing world you need to pause so you can figure out where the world is going. The MSM – main street media, are not helping you in your quest. How many times, have you read a news that changed your life? NEVER. It says it all, you are fed with useless information. There is a saying in the media, bad news sell more! You are implicitly told that finally you are lucky with the life you have compare to the rest of the world, the fear paralyses you. While they are distracting you from what is coming and what can be really be useful to you, your life slips out of your hands. You are repeatedly doing the same routine of fear-controlled thinking. You need to open up to new perspectives, but you don’t have time… You just need 1 day to re-orient your entire life. Breakup your routine pattern. Your life is worth more than yet another 1 day of routine!

2. You gave up on any NEW investment

You stick to what you have, there is no light at the end of the tunnel anyway…

For those who:

  • Missed the Internet revolution
  • Lost money on the stock market with the 2001 and 2008 crisis
  • Got hit by the reduction of business margin
  • Saw the increase of taxes
  • Saw the diminishing return on real estate investment
  • Got caught with increased regulations and administrative burdens
  • Got ridiculous interest rate on savings
  • Went through the complex tax incentive scheme proposed by the government to realise that you just shifted your taxes to a later date while in the meantime the law could be retroactively changed
  • Invested desperately in locked pension plans and life insurances
  • Finally realised that the inflation is biting every day everywhere

There is a deep feeling of dead end. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The situation has been degrading for pretty much 30 years.

I am a strong believer in innovation cycle, the longer the stagnation, depression period is lasting the more disruptive the breakthrough ideas are. This is what the average person on the street has forgotten after such long period of darkness, and this is perfectly understandable. But Bitcoin is only a small part of the mega-revolution to come. The best way to see it, is to imagine that we discovered an alien spaceship technology, that is based on radically new thinking and that we are just barely trying to understand how it will impact the entire humanity. The blockchain at the heart of the bitcoin invention is more important than the invention of the printing machine in 1440 by Gutenberg. It will influence the entire millennium. Just tell me that no one, not your parents, your sisters, brothers, uncles, your best friend, your sport coach, your teacher, your mentors has never told you to NEVER give up! It’s time for new content, time for action. Bitcoin, blockchain are about giving a new meaning to your life.

3. I have no savings

This doesn’t mean you don’t have assets: you may have financial products you may free up (pension plans, life insurances, stock market shares). Is still worth keeping your real estate you own and that you rent out? Do you really need to keep your big house when your children will soon leave the nest? Do you really need your holiday house abroad that you barely use, of which the rent barely cover the running fees. After 45, it is no longer advantageous to buy an asset where you will live. The baby boomers have already difficulties to sell their mansion because their are too big, not adapted to the modern lifestyle. Younger generation earn less, marry later, divorce earlier, have less children. Even those who inherit need to sell some assets just to be able to pay the inheritance tax, to realise that now they own a house nobody can afford to buy. In the meantime they have to pay for the repair and maintenance while they earn less than their parents at the time. They now try to sell like all the others in the same situation but no buyer shows up. The younger generation (born just after 1990) is symptomatic, they have already adopted a nomadic lifestyle, they don’t save any money, because they can’t! They just spend on travels and accept job less paid but giving them more freedom instead. Living with government aids, they reduce their spending profile and use social economic network disconnected from the good old classic “consumer” market. Knowing that the blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence and robotics will simplify the economic structure of our society and therefore increase the unemployment like never seen before, do you really want to own real estate asset with tenants no longer capable of paying their rent? The price of the real estate is proportional to what a tenant can afford to pay, if it drops, the sale value of your estate drops, if landlord are selling off massively in a context of economic depression with banks unwilling to lend money. Do you really want to be a landlord?

The stock market will also dive and so your pension plan and financial products that are directly connected to them. Do you really want to hold these investments?

This is the reasoning of those who invested consequently in crypto-currencies, this is why we see such an increase in price, and this is just the beginning because the mass have not yet realised it. Which side of the deal are you holding onto?

4. Let’s wait and see

The big people will handle this revolution like they did every time in the past, let’s go back to work! Anyway those kind of things are not for a pale like me…

The nature of this revolution is such that you can participate and benefit from it. This is due to the decentralised nature of the technology you can access the entire crypto-system directly without any intermediary. This will radically change the way the world will function and sooner than you can imagine. Why are you waiting for your bank to propose you some bitcoin? Did you go to the post office in 1994 to ask if they can give you an email address just because all mails used to be delivered by this central organisation? The principle behind the blockchain is that you must take your responsibility from which your freedom can emerge. If you re-organise yourself early you will avoid being re-organised by other lately…Crypto-currencies is about de-intermediation, it gives you back your power to decide as citizen. It is your choice now.

5. It’s risky !

What is risky? 10% per year and a crash every 10 years or 500 % per year and sometime a drop of 40%? Here again, you got brain-washed with the myth of “spreading your risk”.

What if a child ask you:

  • would prefer jumping off of a 100 meter high bridge
  • stay 2 hours in the cold space
  • Or enter in a nuclear reactor for 5 minutes?

Would you say like any old age classic investor: “A little bit of the three” so you can spread your risk? This is nonsense because in all cases your end is certain. For classic investments like real estate, stock market, it’s the same because there are co-related, do you really think that the house price will go up when the unemployment will rise like never before due to the blockchain, artificial intelligence and robots? The only way to make huge profit is to understand early and clearly what the future tends to and to position yourself reasonably.

6. I know someone…

I gave him some money to invest for me, it’s friend of a friend.

This is a terrible decision, you position yourself as future scam victim – no comment.


7. I don’t need training

It’s easy last time I opened an account in 5 minutes to trade the stock market, and here we are!

It easy to open an account to put 500 euros hoping it will make 5.000 in 5 years, but I challenge you to put 5000 or more just based on a couple of hours of research on internet. You try to reassure yourself that putting a little bit of money would grant you a ticket to the profit paradise and have the peace of mind: “I did it”. This attitude has nothing to do with investment, it has to do with reassuring yourself but not investing in yourself. If you had taken a training class you would have re-organised your finance, your life and put more money with great confidence and really turn around your entire life! There is worst than losing money, not putting enough money on the investment of the century! This is what makes the difference between the boys and the men.

In addition, when your 1000 EUR will turn into 10.000 in a couple of year, you will mess it up technically and you will lose your profits because you didn’t understand the technicals of bitcoin. Too late, when lost, it’s lost for good – no it’s not like with your bank, where you can call and they can correct the situation.

8. I will get to the bottom of it on my own.

No matter how much time and effort it takes, I will do my due diligence!

We have a lot of respect if you engaged in this journey, we already did it ourself so we know how hard it is to gather all the pieces of the puzzle to make sure there is no Ponzi scheme, no boiling room, fake news, scam etc…You also have to go through all the blogs on internet, read the relevants books, not to mention the mathematical and cryptographic aspects just to make sure you understand the bitcoin secret truly. Then you have to go through the different brokers, suppliers of crypto storage devices, hoping you configure them correctly when you will need to recover your funds. It takes 3 months 8 hours per days to reach the level of information provided in our workshop, this is the quality we put in our training. Because the crypto-currencies market is growing so fast you would have been better off taking a training class with us so you would have profited immediately and safely. The old saying: Time is money has never been so true when it come to our workshop….

9. Wahoo! I made some profits, let’s take them – it’s a bubble, it won’t last.

This is the short answer: there is room for growth and largely, this is just a beginning. You didn’t spend enough time on proper education. You made the mistake of comparing with the previous old world but crypto world is different. Education is the biggest equaliser in this world. You started well but you didn’t have or wanted to invest in professional training course. You are now standing on the station platform seeing the train of profit running away….Why did you got off!

10. What? Brokers becoming broke, hacking, scam, ICO, fork, hardware wallet, offline storage

All these subjects must be mastered from the start, else you will pay with your own money at every stop! In the crypto world there is no intermediary to “save you in case of mistake” therefore you need to know how to protect your funds, recover lost crypto-devices where your fund are stored. Internet is full of story of people that have made huge amount of money and lost it all overnight because they didn’t grasp the world they were entering.

No matter what you do we are always happy at LP-CONSULTING

  • If you don’t want to invest in training because we haven’t convinced you, but you buy bitcoin on your own, it’s fine by us: you will increase the price of bitcoin and we have invested in bitcoin. When you will lose them, it will increase it scarcity and its price. Thank you very much.
  • If you don’t buy bitcoin while you can afford it. We happy too, we know in a deal to make a profit there is a good side and a bad one. Thank you very much for holding onto you depreciating currencies EUR/USD/GBP, while our crypto-currencies will go up!
  • If you take a workshop with us we will welcome your smart decision: you belong to the elite and we are happy!

We love what we do, we help people to gain quickly knowledges so they can change their life. We are also pragmatic, you have to decide if you wish to live in ignorance or take your destiny back to your hand!

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