The Focus


  • Accepting bitcoin as means of payment requires the set up of:
    • the back office features
    • the Point of Sale(PoS) collection device on mobile
    •  the use email invoicing
    • plug-ins for e-commerce.
  • Bitcoin is a new substance, it is much more than usual money, you must learn its properties: to collect it, store it, transfer it, recover it properly and on your own.
  • But most all why it is revolutionary because this what makes its growing value.

  • I will dissipate all worries you may have about bitcoin, and show you what you should focus on and steer away from.
  • The differences between bitcoin and FIAT currencies that we use (€,$,£).
  • The bitcoin genesis, and and why it is a revolution.
  • You will understand why bitcoin is powerful than ever – deep dive into the technology in playful way.
  • Its features: no intermediary, distributed database, ultra secure transaction, small fee.
  • The Bitcoins protocols and transactions processing.
  • We will make sure you get officially registered as Crypto-Merchant with the correct Exchange so you can access the crypto-currencies market.
  • We will put in place the IT security features you need across the solution.
  • We will set up together your first mobile PoS(Point of Sale) device so you can collect payments in the store and we will test it!
  • You will perform you first transaction.
  • We will set up other form of payment request like invoicing.
  • We will review the back office management features.
  • We will show you how to set up a plug-in on your website to accept payment online.
  • We will help you to organise the promotion of this event: how to radiate, bring new customers, convert them to use crypto currencies, get promoted on the social network.
  • All the hard set up will be done once and for all correctly, and securely.

You will be up and running,
all clear in your mind,
ready to collect your profitS.


At the end of the workshop: YOU WILL BE READY TO ACCEPT BITCOINS in 1 of your shop and we will give you ideas on how to make it a memorable event. We will help you in promoting your business on the relevant social media.

This solution can be replicated to your other points of sale, you are autonomous, you can do it yourself.

Nevertheless, if you need specific help depending on the size and the complexity of your retail network, we can provide additional consulting to find a more customised solution to your requirements.


Our practical live session occur in cosy class-room in different locations.

  • Lead by an instructor.
  • All in FRENCH or all in ENGLISH – in both cases the slide presentation is always in english.
  • Group of 5-10 ideally.
  • Private course is possible – please contact us.



  • Locations are mainly in Brussels, Paris and London in lively place.
  • We can also organise a workshop anywhere on demand.

What are the pre-requisites?

  • You MUST HAVE an Iphone or any other mobile running Android (99% of the mobile runs either IOS or Android).
  • Bring a laptop running Mac, Linux, Windows.
  • You should have the Chrome web browser installed on your laptop or have enough permission to do it (your company laptop may refrain you from installing software – see with our administrator first).
  • To register with a broker you will need to provide: ID document, proof of address, bank statement and corporate ownership.

How long does it Last?

  • 8:30 to 17:00 max with 1h:15 lunch break.

How much does it cost?

  • 3,500 €
  • You can pay by credit card, SEPA.

Still hesitating?

As a matter of comparison:

For the price of an advertising campaign in a newspaper you will get a new payment system, that you can deploy onto your other stores and e-commerce sites on your own, along with a new image and a social media promotion. The return on your investment can happen as soon as the launch day of you ACCEPTING BITCOIN, after you simply drive on the road of profits.

This is a bargain.
This is no talking, this is why it is called BOOSTER WORKSHOP.


10 years from now, people will see you as visionary if you were among the first to understand and invest in Cryptocurrencies PAYMENT SysTEM.
You have seen it before, you know it!
People that didn’t get the chance to ACCESS thIS INFORMATION have an excuse, NOT YOU!
You are at 1 click away from changing the IMAGE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

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