• T&C : Terms and Conditions
  • TRAINING : the skill, knowledge, products, configuration or experience delivered during a training, session, class, workshop, courses, seminars organised in a physical or digital classroom publicly or privately.
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  • Singular and Plural: words used in this T&C in the singular, where the context so permits, shall be deemed to include the plural and vice versa. The definitions of words in the singular shall apply to such words when used in the plural where the context so permits and vice versa.
  • Masculine and feminine: Wherever any words are used herein in the masculine, feminine or neuter gender, they shall be construed as though they were also used in another gender in all cases where they would so apply.
  • Neutral Gender: The use in this T&C of words in the male, female or neutral gender are for convenience only and shall not affect or control any provisions of this T&C.


1.1 These general T&C of business apply for all TRAINING delivered by LPC.

1.2 Only these general T&C of business apply. T&C of business of those receiving TRAINING (subsequently referred to as participant) do not apply, even if not explicitly stated by LPC. The T&C presented in this document also apply if LPC knowingly renders services due that are in conflict with the participant’s T&C of business.

1.3 Participants must register in advance to take part in LPC TRAINING. Registration consists of filling out a form, either by hand or online, that is provided by LPC. Registration also includes selecting the TRAINING session the participant intends to attend. The current LPC TRAINING catalog provides a list of TRAINING services offered by LPC.

1.4 Participant must provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the relevant registration form.

1.5 LPC will then submit a written quote of the selected services to the participant. The contract only takes effect once the participant has confirmed the quote in writing or by email or when paid, whichever comes first.


2.1 During the TRAINING no photo/audio/video recording of any sort is authorised.

2.2 LPC is responsible for conducting TRAINING or for contracting a third party to conduct TRAINING and is free to choose any consultant for such purpose. LPC is entitled to transfer the duties of the contract to a third party to perform and to change the contents of TRAINING sessions as long as the objective of the TRAINING is not compromised. LPC shall provide such trainers to present the TRAINING course as it, in its sole discretion, deems fit and LPC shall be entitled at any time to substitute any trainer with any other person who, in the LPC’s sole discretion, it deems suitably qualified to present the relevant course. LPC may cancel TRAINING, change the date or time of TRAINING or designate the TRAINING location with advance notice.

2.3 LPC will make every effort to provide the participant with all important knowledge during TRAINING sessions, as per the TRAINING plan and the current TRAINING documents.

2.4 LPC will conduct TRAINING on its own premises, on the participant’s premises, or at another mutually agreed upon location. TRAINING is to be conducted during the dates specified by LPC in the quote and confirmed by the participant.

2.5 If TRAINING takes place on LPC premises, LPC will provide each participant with a desk and the necessary documents. Participants are responsible for incidental expenses (travel, accommodation, additional meals, etc…).

2.6 If TRAINING takes place on the participant’s premises, the participant will provide the infrastructure necessary for TRAINING especially desks and computers, and is responsible for obtaining Internet connections if required.

2.9 During the TRAINING, participants may be asked to register with a broker, configures products, devices and software provided or recommended by LPC and part of the TRAINING. LPC is allocating enough time for the participants to finalise and validate the configuration of the devices, software and products. Nevertheless, shall the configuration not being successful after several attempts in the allocated time, LPC reserves its right to proceed to the next step even if some participants cannot complete their tasks. This is to make sure that no excessive delay is incurred to the whole classroom of participants. LPC may at its own discretion decides to carry on with the late participants aside or after the course to help them in the completion of their configuration.

2.8 Participants will receive a certificate confirming participation upon completion of TRAINING.


3.1 Costs covered by the participant will be specified in writing in the contract and will include additional sales tax as required by law. If the parties do not specify the amount of compensation, the LPC price list in effect at the time of conclusion of the contract will apply.

3.2 All fees are due upon receipt of an invoice and must be paid in full within 4 business days if received by SEPA or any other money wiring system/transfer. Sales tax as required by law will be included in all prices and indicated on the invoice based on the country of residence or legal address for companies.

3.3 The participant is in default if he/she/it does not pay following receipt of a reminder sent by LPC once the due date has been reached. The legal regulation, which automatically takes effect 30 days after default on an invoice, remains valid, legal action and proceeding can be envisaged at LPC owns discretion. LPC reserves the right to reallocate the TRAINING to other clients as soon as the remainder is sent.

3.4 Not being able to complete the exercises during the TRAINING time window, does not constitute a breaking clause of any sort or does not entitle to partial or total reimbursement of any sort.

3.5 Shall the code created by the participant to secure the devices provided by LPC during the TRAINING being lost or unrecoverable, the device will be rendered unusable. LPC can provide another new device at an additional cost, shall the participant wish to carry on the TRAINING.

3.6 LPC is not responsible of the loss of fund incurred to the participant due to the incorrect use of the device, software, products because of wrong manipulation, transfer of fund, incorrect address. The same applies if any secret code or password leaks out, or if cold or offline crypto storage storage are left unsecured, lost or stolen. It is the responsibility of the participants to choose non trivial password and remembering them. Keep their products and devices in safe location all time. This clause applies during the workshop and after with no limit in time.


4.1 LPC is entitled to terminate this contract if excess or insufficient registration cannot guarantee proper or economically feasible TRAINING. LPC is also entitled to terminate the contract due to instructor illness, technical reasons, or other reasons beyond LPC’s control.

4.2 Before exercising this right to termination, LPC will make every effort to reschedule TRAINING, with the participant’s consent. In case of rescheduling, the contract will remain in effect and will be amended with the consent of both parties. If the parties cannot agree on the amendment to the contract, the contract will be terminated, and any fees paid by the customer will be reimbursed within 7 business days.

4.3 If the participant did not provide true, accurate, current and complete information about her/himself as prompted by the relevant registration form. Shall a payment already being made or not the cancellation penalty 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 may apply at LPC own discretion.

4.4 Participants or company that do not comply with the KYC- Know Your Client and AML-Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

LPC reserves its right to deny access to the participant or the company to attend the TRAINING if the KYC and AML conditions are not met. Shall a payment already being made the cancellation penalty 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 may apply at LPC own discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, LP-CONSULTING.COM doesn’t store or keep a copy or the original of your records (proof of residence, address, bank statement or ID proof), only the broker does.


5.1 If the participant is unable to attend, the customer is entitled to designate another representative from his/her company to participate in the TRAINING before the TRAINING begins. The client will incur no additional costs.

5.2 The participant is entitled to terminate the contract via written notice at any time using the following email: invoices@lp-consulting.com

5.3 The participant must not pay any fees if LPC receives notice of termination on or before the 10th business day before the first day of TRAINING. The participant must pay 50% of the agreed costs if he/she/it terminates the contract between 10 and 5 business days before the first day of TRAINING. The participant must pay 100% of the costs if he/she terminates the contract within 5 business days of the first day of TRAINING.

5.4 If the participant wishes to change the TRAINING date set in the contract without canceling the entire contract, LPC must receive written notice at least 5 business days before the first day of TRAINING. The participant will incur no additional costs, and the contract will be amended with consent of both parties. If LPC receives such notice within 5 business days of the first day of TRAINING, the participant must pay LPC 50% of the agreed upon costs as a processing fee.

5.5 Rights to further claims are reserved by LPC. This especially concerns cancellation costs for travel already booked to the customer’s premises or to any other agreed-upon location.


6.1 All TRAINING documents are intended for the exclusive personal use of the participant.

6.2 The participants recognizes LPC’s copyright and therefore the exclusive distribution rights and rights of use of TRAINING documents.

6.3 LPC gives the participant the single and non-transferable right to use TRAINING documents for purposes stipulated in the contract – see our Legal Notices on our website. The participant is not allowed to reproduce the TRAINING documents, in particular to process them in electronic systems, duplicate, or modify them in any way, or distribute them in any form to third parties. All embedded knowledge and teaching systems provided by LPC to the participant on data storage media or made available on electronic networks are considered TRAINING documents.

6.4 LPC will prepare and when necessary install TRAINING room before TRAINING sessions. The hosting participant must support LPC as much as possible during such measures. The participant must ensure that no third party has access to the TRAINING materials.

6.5 In addition, the participant recognizes all of LPC’s brand, trademark, name, and patent rights to any related documents. The participant may not remove, modify, or render unrecognizable copyright indications or indications of property rights.


7.1. The participant is obligated to keep confidential all business and company secrets made known to him/her/it during TRAINING. This obligation is not limited to the TRAINING period. The participant may not share these with a third party.

7.2 The participant may not conduct any internal or external TRAINING using LPC products.


8.1 LPC is only liable to the participant, regardless of legal grounds, for willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of LPC itself or its employees.

8.2 LPC is only liable for slight negligence if provisions of the contract, which have a particular importance for achieving the purpose of the contract and can therefore be considered to be fulfilled, are violated. In this case, liability for damages, consequential harm caused by a defect, not specified in the contract is excluded. Liability is limited to the amount specified in LPC’s liability insurance for one single case of damage.

8.3 Contractual claims for damages by the participant against LPC are subject to a limitation period of six months from the date on which the right arose, notwithstanding shorter legal limitation periods.

8.4 Due to the current technology, access to the server with teaching materials cannot be guaranteed at all times. LPC is not liable if access is not available for short periods of time.

8.5 In the case data loss, LPC is only liable for the costs of necessary reconstruction from backup copies, if LPC has performed directly the operation on the participant’s material. It is the responsibility of the participant to take full and consistent backup regularly.

8.6 LPC does not accept responsibility for anyone acting as a result of information in, or views expressed on, its TRAINING courses including course materials. Opinions expressed are those of individual trainers and not necessarily those of the LPC. Participants should take professional advice when dealing with specific situations. LPC or its trainers are in no way introducing or acting themselves as financial advisor of any sort. Participant shall take full responsibility of their financial choices in their personal life, personal investment or the way they run their company business.


10.1 The participant must obtain prior written permission from LPC to transfer all rights stipulated in the contract.

10.2 The law of the Belgian law, applies for all claims arising from the contract.

10.3 Changes and supplements to these terms and particularly warranties and agreements must be specified in writing to serve as point in controversy. Oral agreements are not valid.

10.4 Brussels, Belgium, is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract.

10.5 Special requirements:

LPC will make every effort to accommodate special requirements that have been notified in advance on the booking form.

10.6 Health and safety

You must comply with all health and safety rules and regulations and any other reasonable security requirements that apply at the premises at which the TRAINING courses are provided.

10.7 Invitation letters

Should a participant require an invitation letter from LPC, we are able to provide this as long as full payment of the TRAINING course fee has been received. LPC is not able to act on behalf of the participant and is not responsible for any costs incurred by failure to obtain a full visa.

10.8 Behaviour

LPC reserves the right to remove any delegate from a TRAINING course whose behavior is deemed inappropriate by LPC or its trainers. In these circumstances, LPC will neither refund any fees nor reimburse any other costs.

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